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Who Am I As A Writer Essay

Who Am I As A Writer Essay, Research Paper

As a child growing up in California, education didn?t seem to be one of my strong points.

My parents did little to give me guidance in my schooling and my choices involving

education. I was not forced by my parents to read or write much when I was younger.

Had my parents been a little more controlling when I was younger, I may not be in the

predicament that I am in as of late. My grades are not as poignant as I would like them to

be and my reading and writing abilities leave a great deal to be desired.

When my family and I moved up here to Washington, I attended Holy Rosary. My

parents thought that at Holy Rosary, my grades would improve and I would surpass my

previous academic standings. A part of this was true. My grades did improve greatly, not

because I gained any knowledge except how to get by easily. The school didn?t challenge

any of its students. I had not felt a push or even heard anyone speak about challenge us

students. That would later change when I came to Bellarmine.

Bellarmine, unlike other schools, gave me a demanding curriculum which made me

challenge myself and that forced me into becoming a better student altogether. My writing

did suffered because of the lack of experience I had in the previous schools. Bellarmine

was surprisingly my first time actually writing. I remember one of my papers that I wrote

for Mrs. Hannigan?s class. It was about my time in Japan. I read it over again my junior

year and it was entirely terrible. It seemed as if my writing was the equivalent of a sixth

graders at best. This paper had made me feel inapt in a place where education takes

precedence over everything else. The compositions that I wrote my freshman year of

Bellarmine were to say the least weak and lacking any direction.

The next two years for me were a tremendous step up from what I had written the

preceding year. Sophomore year, my writing was put to the ultimate test by Mr. Dudas.

The papers for Mr. Dudas? class were a far cry from the year before. I?d say the main

thing that improved was my writing process. Before sophomore year, the way I wrote

was just straight to paper. I did not use outlines or brainstorming. After I had learned the

writing process, my compositions had a more refined appearance. Junior year, Mrs.

Campbell was my instructor and her teaching style was different which captivated many,

but perplexed me. I did not understand what she felt was necessary in a paper to receive

an appropriate grade. At that particular time, I felt as if my writing was being bound by

certain requirements and I did not want my writing to suffer because of those

requirements, therefore I wrote the way I desired. My grades consequently did suffer, but

I believe my writing had shown a great deal of improvement since my time at Bellarmine.

Over the years I?ve seen my writing improve exceeding my expectations seeming

that I hadn?t received a satisfactory writing education until my entry into Bellarmine.

There has been many particular things that I have seen improve in my writing. The

method I use to writing has been taught to me and now I use it unceasingly no matter

when I?m writing. Another improvement that I have noticed in my writing has been my

ability to sharpen my creativeness. I think the main thing that needs to be improved is my

articulation in writing. I have trouble putting thoughts into words and words onto paper

with making sense. My vocabulary proficiency leaves a great deal to be wanted from

teacher and the reader whoever that may be. I am confident that my writing will not be as

horrendous as it has in the past few years. One thing that I?ve learned through my writing

is that many people may find it lacking in numerous ways, but if I am positive that my

writing came from within and I have done all that I can in the allotted time to make it as

satisfactory as I could, then I am content with my work.

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Who Am I as a Writer

Who Am I As A Writer
Do you ever wonder who you are as a writer? I do…like now for instance. Pen and paper can be a man’s best friend. Once it is written, it is your choice on whether or not you want to expose your personal thoughts with the world or to simply just store them away for personal use. When it comes to writing of any sort, I tend to let my mind control my fingers, and allow my fingers and emotions to control the paper. Getting involved with my writings and relating it to me or my life is the only way to keep my interest in the topic. From experience I have found that grasping your audience’s attention and receiving feedback in regards to writings are very important.
When it comes to writing I feel that the writer should develop some type of relation with the topic. Growing up in elementary, middle, and high school, we focused on daily journal writings. Teachers mainly wanted us to practice our free write skills just as a form of busy work in order to be able to prepare the lesson play for the day. In my opinion, I feel that journal writing has expanded my ability to think beyond what’s inside the box but, I still have an organization problem when it comes to formal writings; therefore once the relationship is developed it won’t be as difficult for me to elaborate on the topic.
When I am comfortable with the relationship that I have developed with the topic, I may also have the opportunity to grasp a great interest for whoever the audience may be. Keeping your audience interested is perhaps one of the key factors in writing because not only do I write for myself, but for my audience as well. That does not necessarily mean I add extras to what I am writing, but I attempt to engage in how my audience may feel or react to what I am saying. When my audience gives me feedback, I feel like I am able to discuss my mistakes without a problem, or even elaborate on a point that stuck out to them.
This is where the hard part begins…concluding my essay. It.

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