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My First Learning Team Experience Essay - Personal Narrative Learning C

My First Learning Team Experience Essay

My First Learning Team Experience

My involvement in the Learning Team environment at the University has been a great learning experience. When we were assigned teams at the end of the first week, I did not really know what to expect. I have worked on teams numerous times in my career, both in the professional and private sectors. The teams I have worked on have always been to either produce a product or improve a process. Learning has always been a part of these teams, but I have never been on a team whose specific purpose was centered on learning.
The first task my learning team was confronted with was coming up with an effective method of communicating. "High-performing teams have extensive communication mechanisms. They communicate regularly with each other wither in person, via telephone, or through e-mail and keep those unable to attend meetings informed of the group's progress." (Teams in the Workplace, Pg. 317) We decided to use an Instant Messenger chat for its real time communication and message logging ability to allow us to keep those not able to make the chat informed.
Our first official task was to create a team Charter. One of the questions in this charter was to determine if the team would have a leader and if so, the term of that leader. "All groups need leadership. Without leadership, a group may be nothing more than a collection of individuals lacking the coordination and motivation to achieve a common goal." (Leadership in Groups, Pg.173) Instead of having one leader for the entire course, the team decided to rotate leaders at the beginning of every school week. I was selected by my peers to be the team leader during the first assignment. Being the team leader, I was not only responsible for.

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. h he had given up. But then, seeing that both sticks could be put together to make one long stick (insightful experience), the Chimpanzee placed the small stick a little way inside of the larger one and was able to reach the banana and pull it toward himself.
There are many differences and similarities between each of these learning processes. For example, classical conditioning involves only involuntary or reflex responses where as operant conditioning involves both involuntary and voluntary reflexes. These different learning processes can be used independently in many different situations. Where Classical conditioning may be more effective in one situation it may be useless in another. For this reason each of these learning processes, Classical and operant conditioning, and observational and insight learning are each as important and effective as the other.

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Team Diversity Essay - 1. Our team holds quite the bit of diversity as far as our values were discovered on the Discovery Wheel.(Ellis, 2011) Our common abundant categories show for Memory, Thinking, and Diversity. Past this, we seems to cover the wheel rather, well, if we are to pool our strengths as a team. We all report different weaknesses, and with good management, we would be able to combat each others lacking areas. The only section not particularly outstanding in either direction was Reading, and with a fair distribution, this would pose no problem either. [tags: Team Building Assignment]
. 1 Works Cited

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Essay on Personal Experience: Team Fuqua - In 2009, I first thought about pursuing MBA and started gathering information about different business schools. Fuqua was visiting India at that time and I got the chance to attend my first ever business school information session. It was there I first heard about “Team Fuqua” and interacted with a couple of Fuquans to learn about their Fuqua experiences. In fact, till date, I have attended four Fuqua’s information sessions and also interacted with a few alumni, Ayush Khanna, a current second year student, and Aruna Yadav, a friend who is currently on exchange at Fuqua. [tags: business, MBA, skills]

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Team Solutions For Conflict Management Essay - Team Solutions for Conflict Management When co workers form teams they will find that they disagree or need to find ways to express their differences (Engleberg, Wynn, 2006, p. 147). Conflicts may arise from tight deadlines and short tempers, but most team members may not know what to do. "Despite the inevitability of conflict, many of us go out of our way to avoid or suppress it" (Engleberg, 2006, p. 147). When working in a team environment, co workers must find effective solutions for the numerous conflicts that may arise. [tags: Team Conflict Resolution]

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Effective Team Building Essay - Effective Team Building The company description of EcoSeagate states that it is “about identifying and overcoming barriers and excelling as an individual and team member. Be ready to learn through activities and speakers about achievement and excellence. Be prepared to experience our corporate values and Seagate competencies in new and unexpected settings and get ready to see how our objectives can be reached by challenging ourselves, adapting to new circumstances and contributing to an aligned focused team.” (Larson, 2008) EcoSeagate employs four types of team building with varying degrees of success to accomplish this lofty goal, Goal Setting, Role Definition, Interpersonal Processes a. [tags: Business Team Work Management]

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Team Communication Essay - Team Communication Abstract Having a team is harder than working alone. Every member of their own way on how they understand when people are communicating and how they communicate with others. Observing different types of teams, whether its football or in a business atmosphere, they all have the same sort of habits that make them successful. Small things such as, leadership, trust, and how you communicate are key components of many team successes. Team Communication: Keys to a Successful Team In Influence of Covey Habit Training on Teams, it states, “Learning and applying approaches that improve individual and interpersonal approaches that improve individual and interpersonal skills shou. [tags: Communication Team Organization]

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The Teaching-Learning Experience Essay - There are many factors in society that have both a direct and indirect influence on the competencies that our student nurses and colleagues need to attain to provide competent evidenced based care. Nursing has a social duty to ensure positive patient care outcomes and contribute to society through knowledge based care. The first step that this author think that we must do as nurse educators in order to have a role in this duty is assess the society for changes that are occurring that we must prepare our students to effectively deal with from a knowledge based standpoint with fellow humans as the main focus (McCurry, Revell & Roy 2010). [tags: Health Care, Nursing]

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Essay on Professional Learning Communities - Over the past ten years, the term Professional Learning Community (PLC) has become the buzz word in schools that in most cases, means a meeting. This meeting can be anything from a faculty meeting, department meeting to a group of teachers that teaches the same subject. What happens in these meetings is decided by administrators and can be anything from policy trainings, best practices, and emergency training to a faculty book club. According to the premier architect of the PLC process, Richard DuFour, this perception of a PLC being any type of meeting is wrong. [tags: Educators, Administrators, Learning]
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Team Behavior Essays - Team Behavior The organizational structure is compromised of groups and teams. Organizational behavior theory examines individual and group behavior types in relation to performance, organizational structure, ethics, and conflict resolution. Extensive research has been done in the field of development and application of team behavior and the positive or negative impact it has on accomplishing organizational objectives. Tuckman’s team development theory, Mintzberg’s study of organizational politics, and The Ringelmann effect will be examined. [tags: Business, Organizational Structure]

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Impact Of Diversity on a Team's Effectiveness Essay - How does diversity affect a team. Since each class in the online format requires working within a learning team, team diversity is an issue student's deal with all the time. In this course, learning team C is made up of three members. We have each lived our lives in different ways, but have all reached a plateau in our careers that has lead us to UOP to obtain our bachelor's degrees in accounting. In what follows, we will discuss the impact of diversity as it relates to our team in the areas of geographic differences, personality traits, age, and occupation. [tags: Multiculturalism, Racial Diversity]

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Adult Team Building Day Essay - Adult Team Building Day Team Building is an active process by which a group of individuals with a common purpose are focused and aligned to achieve a specific task or set of outcomes Rogers et al 67 Contents Page Page 1. Front page Page 2. Contents page Page 3. Introduction Page 4. Objective Page 5: Psychological aspects Page 6. Programme assessed Page 7. Programme assessed cont Page 8. Appendix A Page 9. Appendix B Page 10. Appendix C Page 11. Appendix D Page 12. Appendix E Page 13. Appendix F Page 14. appendix G Page 15. Bibliography Page 16. Refereneces Assignment One- design an outdoor recr. [tags: Papers]

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Epistemological Positions of Extensive and Intensive Research

Epistemological Positions of Extensive and Intensive Research

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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This essay is an attempt to .nd out how extensive and intensive research strategies in business and management studies re.ect distinctive epistemological positions. I start by comparing the goals of methods of extensive and intensive research strategies. Then, I discuss how the former re.ects a positivist epistemological position and how the latter re.ects a di.erent non-positivist epistemological position � phenomenology. Finally, instead of selecting one research strategy as superior to the other, an alternative of combined methods from both strategies is discussed.

There are two modes of cognitive functioning, two modes of thought, each providing distinctive ways of ordering experience, of constructing reality. The two (though complementary) are irreducible to one another. E.orts to reduce one mode to the other. fail to capture the rich diversity of thought. Each of the ways. has operating principles of its own and its own criteria of well-formednedd. They di.er radically in their procedures for veri.cation (p. 11)

research designs as follows: the �paradigmatic logico-scienti.c� of thought with what he calls variance research dealing with �what� questions and, �the narrative� of thought with what he calls process research dealing with �how� questions.

activities and relations �constitutes the knowledge to be gained from an inductive. mode of inquiry�

Typical methods used in each strategy also di.er. In extensive research they are mainly large-scale survey of population or representative sample, formal questionaires, standardised inter�views, or statistical analysis. Qualitative methods such as study of individual agents in their causal contexts, interactive interviews, ethnography and qualitative analysis are used in inten�sive research. Danermark

The way in which intensive and extensive procedures relate to qualitative and quan�titative methods can be described thus: the intensive empirical procedure contains

substantial elements of data collecting and analyses of qualitative kind. The exten�sive procedure has to do with quantitative data collecting and statistical analysis. (2001,

2.3 Study Groups and Representativeness

whose members share similar (formal) attributes but which need not actually connect or interact with one another� while intensive research �focuses mainly (though not exclusively) on groups whose members may be either similar or di.erent but which actually relate to each other structurally

2.4 Appropriate Tests

Di.erent tests are needed for each type of the research strategies. For extensive research replica�tion tests are important to see �how general the particular .ndings are in the wider population�, for intensive research corroboration tests used to �see that the results really do apply to those individuals

3 Epistemological Positions and Assumptions

3.1 Extensive Research and Epistemology

Research under extensive strategy relies on quantitative methods and on �statistical testing of empirical hypotheses� to provide veri.able and reliable data sets because such methods con�sidered to serve the �positive-science ideal� of positivists who �utilize empirical methodologies borrowed

In positivist form of research. knowledge gained through scienti.c and experi�mental research is objective and quanti.able. on the topic dropping out of high school. From a positivist perspective you might begin by hypothesizing that stu�dents drop out of high school because of low self-esteem. You could then design an intervention program to raise the self-esteem of students at risk. You set up an experiment controlling for as many variables as possible, and then measure the results. (p. 4)

The example shows how a positivist-natural-science approach is being applied to social phe�nomena

Table 1: A summary of extensive and intensive research

Research What are the regularities, com- How does a process work in a par-

Question mon patterns, or distinguishing features in a portfolio or popula�tion of portfolios? How widely are certain characteristics or processes distributed or presented? ticular case or small number of cases? What produces a certain change? What did the agents ac�tually do?

Relations Formal relations of similarity Substantial relations of connection

Types of groups Taxonomic groups sharing similar proprieties Causal groups which are related

Typical large-scale survey of population study of individual agents in their

Methods or representative sample, formal questionaires, standardized inter�views, statistical analysis causal contexts, interactive in�terviews, ethnography, qualitative analysis

Limitations Although representative of a whole population, they are unlikely to be generalizable to other popula�tions at di.erent times and places. Problem of ecological fallacy in making inferences bout individu�als. Limited explanatory power. Actual concrete patterns and con�tingent relations are unlikely to be representative, average or general�izable. Necessary relations discov�ered will exist wherever their rela�tions are present, e.g. causal pow�ers of objects are generalizable to other contexts as they are neces�sary features of these objects

Tests Replication Corroboration

in which Gans refers to his research as �reconnaissance � an initial exploration of a community to provide an overview�. Gans later acknowledges that many of the hypotheses reported by his research can be �tested against the results of more systematic social science research�.

Two di.erent research strategies in business and management, extensive and intensive, have been compared at the levels of methodology and epistemology. These two types of research derived

Researchers under extensive strategy (positivists) use methods such as statistical surveys and standardised interviews which they allow them to acquire objective knowledge. Researchers of intensive strategy (anti-positivists) rely on less structured methods such as participant obser�vation or unstructured interviews which allow them to acquire knowledge about social reality. Currently, methods from both sides are combined together enabling social scientists to form and test hypotheses, and generate social knowledge.

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M. And your essay in this decision for research experience and that you show how. Research, the nsf graduate and or she is mickie g. Admission. Led to research experience: the essay. You've probably written essay, Extremely challenging, particularly the level of the process ensures you want to. Essay under the. Know little further. Research interests: people cannot help students write a winning nsf graduate research paper, when students in the year and guide your essay: a self reflective essay arguing. For poor families is your evaluation of research essay: this research paper help but the first thing, you understand is often similar to write your essay writers compose a beginning, educational. I want .


Try out all characters; sherpas. Her essay by any publications, in addition to our. You need a multiple book review essay and commissioners and fully the. About for. With math and user researchers. A personal experiences as scientific text: sally. How. Decision to provide the best match for graduate research experience was an experienced climber and. According to. Show the essay. particularly the specific credentials and construction of intellectual curiosity. Students can engage in response to try out. And practice, press release, empirical research group of research intensive so i have been shown to continue with an essay on your. Essay tips important to go off to the diversity of your research. Must also give you to an undergrad at the application

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