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Go Ask Alice Essay Research Paper The

Go Ask Alice Essay, Research Paper

The title of my book is “GO ASK ALICE”, anonymous. is a diary of a

15 year old girl and how she had to fight drugs. It is a true story. In

general it’s about a 15 year old girl who lives a normal life with a good

family and a good up-bringing. She has a sister named Alex and a brother

named Tim, and two parents. Her father is a professor at the Chicago

University. She likes boys and wearing nice clothes and just basically

being your average everyday girl. Then she meets this girl named Jan who

looks like a nice girl and Alice is so excited to be accepted. Then at one

of the parties she gets handed a glass of LSD and Coke and she first thinks

it’s the most amazing thing in the world. That’s where things went downhill.

She started getting in with the wrong crowd and started going out with a guy

who had her dealing drugs to even elementary kids(!). Then one night she

finds him making out with a guy so she of course assumes he’s gay and has

been using her just to sell drugs for him. Her and her friend is fed up

with the drug life and decide to run away to Salt Lake City. They decide

that they know no one there so they won’t be tempted with drugs. They

stay there for a couple days before going to San Fransisco. They got a

dingy little apartment and after a week they both got a job. Then as it

turns out her employer invited them over for a little get-together. And

guess what? There was drugs there and like she says once you try drugs you

can never stop and they both just sat down and cried as they smoked on a

joint. Then the next night the employer gives them heroine and takes speed

herself and rapes them both. They cripple their way home and quit their jobs

and they go open up their own little store and sell funky jewelry and clothes.

After a couple of months they both get homesick and call home. Their parents

are crying and are so glad to see them. She is very happy and promises

herself she will never go near drugs again. A couple months later her friend

calls her and is very upset and tells her to come over immediately. When she

comes over her friend is on drugs again and she goes back on drugs and they get

all disoriented and when she finally wakes up she is in Denver. When she

finally gets back she tries to stick with the straight kids. But the “grass

gang” keeps on threatening her. Finally when she is baby-sitting someone put

LSD on her peanuts and she went crazy and ended up in a mental hospital cause

she had torn her finger nails off scratching off the worms on herself. When

she finally gets home she is going good, hates drugs and plans on doing social

work. She decides not to have a diary and then in the epilogue it tells how

three weeks later she died of a over dose. It is unknown if it was accidental

or premeditated. It related to spiritual in many ways. She felt really close

to god when she was stuck in Denver and had to go to a church for help and

found refuge with a priest. Also her poor parents prayed to god regularly

hoping their daughter was O.K. Emotionally it affected her and all of her

family wondering if their daughter was alive or dead. Also she did a lot of

growing up and had to overcome drugs in her epic struggle. Also her parents

were tormented regularly about the thought of her daughter. Physically she is

practically abused by the drugs and she is suffering from lack of vitamins and

eating. Also all the stress on her parents can’t be healthy. Her siblings

were probably upset and their body took a beating. Also social because of her

first getting with drugs her social life was either non-existent or was with

druggies. And mentally she probably killed billions of irreplaceable brain

cells and probably affected her families mental abilities too because they

would be clogged with worrying. I learned a lot how drugs can ruin your life

and even kill you. I learned also what happens and how it makes you go crazy

and even if you just try it they can get you addicted for life. For my personal

views I think it was a tragedy because she was just rehabilitating and was

recovering and then something happened. It’s just too bad a perfectly good

life had to be ruined like that and in the process destroy the lives of her

parents and family when she had it going so well. And in conclusion that is

my verdict of this book and I highly recommend it to all people(probably not

under the age of ten though) but is a very good book and I give it a 9.3 on my

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Go Ask Alice Summary

Go Ask Alice Summary

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Written by Uriah Graham

A fifteen-year-old girl begins writing diary entries on September 16th. Her identity is anonymous, her hometown is unnamed and the specific year is not stated. With the suburban setting and her nuclear family (consisting of her Father, Mother and younger siblings, Tim and Alexandra), it's an average premise. From the very first scribing, her heightened sense of morality and intense observations are evident. She refers to the diary as a "special friend," and uses it as an emotional conduit.

The first month primarily contains the expected lamentations of an undistinguished teenager; she has a melodramatic breakup with a boy named Roger, faces ensuing scrutiny at school, dismisses her fifteenth birthday as "nothing" and self-loathes after gaining seven pounds of body fat. Her family also receives the news of her Father's promotion to Dean of Political Science at a different college. They will be moving to a new town and her and her siblings will be attending a new school. Although nervous to confront the change, the Diarist vows to reinvent herself in preparation for it. She uses the diary to solidify her statements, and jovially anticipates the moving process.

By October 26th, her proses reflect this optimism. She responds positively to school, goes on a date with a boy named Scott and begins actively assisting around the house. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays pass, introducing her Grandmother and Grandfather. Despite her natural respect for her parents, the Diarist holds considerable admiration for her grandparents. As the moving date comes closer, The Diarist begins to face an existential crisis and questions her adaptability to a new environment. On January 4th, her fears are brought to fruition as the move is complete.

The following few fortnights are frightening for the Diarist. She perceives herself as a pariah at the new school, and struggles to socialize. She grows increasingly alienated and depressed, retorting to binge eating and gaining weight. Eventually, however, she meets a girl named Beth and the two formulate a fast friendship. By mid-June, school is out. The Diarist and Beth have become best friends who constantly accompany one another. One day, Beth reveals that she will be leaving to attend Summer Camp. The Diarist, upset over her friend’s impending absence, receives permission to vacation at her grandparent’s house.

Initially, the stay is dull and uneventful. One day, however, the Diarist reconciles with a former schoolmate named Jill in a department store. Jill invites her to a party being hosted on July 9th. She happily accepts to attend, unaware of the consequential course of events about to be sent into motion.

The gathering is seemingly casual, and the Diarist is instantly accepted by the partygoers. She really “digged the vibe.” After a little while, they all begin playing a game called “Button Button, Who’s got the Button?” A tray of beverages are given out, some being laced with LSD. The Diarist is unaware of this as she participates. Following her drink, she embarks on an intense and cathartic drug trip. A boy named Bill congenially coaches her through it.

The Diarist experiences both guilt and nostalgia after the intoxication wears off. She expresses her awareness regarding the danger of drugs, but ponders if the pleasure they provide is worth it. She continues to dabble with Jill and begins dating Bill, who introduces her to a growing list of substances, including “torpedoes.” Each high seems to be more vibrant than the last.

On July 23rd, her Grandfather suffers a heart attack. This experience intensifies her guilt, and although her Grandfather’s condition improves, the Diarist’s condition worsens. On August 6th, during the climax of an acid trip, she loses her virginity to Bill. In retrospect, she is not particularly emotionally-invested with him, but enjoyed the high nevertheless. She also realizes the risk of pregnancy. To combat the overwhelming guilt and anxiety, as well as the hyperactive side effects of “Speed,” she begins abusing her grandparent’s sleeping pills.

Upon returning home in late August, the Diarist’s dependency to sleeping pills devolves into using Tranquilizers and Dexies. She lies to her Mother and obtains a prescription from a doctor for even more powerful doses. Her parents begin to protest her unkempt appearance and demeanor, which begins to mirror that of a prototypical “hippy.” Beth returns from camp but opposes the party scene, which severs their friendship.

On September 6th, the Diarist meets a girl named Chris, who works at a boutique shop. The two become friends and Chris even helps the Diarist get hired alongside her. Unlike Beth, Chris accepts the drug lifestyle and introduces the Diarist to Marijuana. The pair begins dating two college-aged drug dealers named Ted and Richie. They become enthralled with their new boyfriends, as well the copious amount of substances which they can provide. The Diarist begins having casual sex and peddling drugs for Richie. In her blind idolization of him, the Diarist even sells Acid to a nine-year-old. One day, Chris walks in on Ted sodomizing Richie. This makes her realize that she and the Diarist were merely being used to make money.

Distraught with the recent circumstances, The Diarist and Chris impulsively decide to report Ted and Richie to the authorities, quit their jobs and move to California. After sneaking out to catch a bus, they arrive in San Francisco on October 26th.

The Diarist and Chris vow to quit using drugs and to find gainful employment. The first month of sobriety and job hunting is miserable. Chris eventually finds employment in an affluent antique shop owned by a socialite named Sheila. The Diarist finds employment at a jewelry shop. Sheila invites the girls to lavish parties and reintroduces the girls to drugs. One night, after getting high on Hash and Heroin, the Diarist and Chris are raped by Sheila and her boyfriend Rod.

The rape is traumatic, and on December 6th, the Diarist and Chris flee to Berkeley, California. While here, they open a jewelry shop. The shop is a minor success, predominantly used as a hangout for the local stoner kids. This allows the Diarist to subjectively observe the “drug kids.” Fatigued and homesick, the Diarist and Chris return to their hometown on December 23rd.

Upon returning home, the Diarist is warmly embraced by her family. The Christmas holiday helps to unify them, and the Diarist begins to regret her past decisions. Noting how aged her grandparents look, the Diarist once again vows to quit using drugs and accept responsibility for her actions. Whenever she returns to school, however, she is pressured and pursued by her former friends of the drug scene. One boy asks her if she’s “holding,” referring to her past of peddling. Another boy blackmails her to find a new dealer. Finding it increasingly difficult to escape her past, The Diarist disregards her vow. Her and Chris relapse one night, and decide to begin dealing again. They meet a dealer named Lane, who supplies them with drugs to distribute.

Shortly after, Lane is caught by the police. After Lane is detained and questioned, the police raid Chris’ house while the Diarist is there. Fortunately, the two were still sober at the time and were coherent enough to evade arrest. The incident did, however, reveal the Diarist’s drug use to her parents. In response, her parents began enforcing strict curfews and inflicting constant surveillance upon her. One night in March, after getting high on “co-pilots,” the Diarist runs away from home.

After dazedly hitch-hiking across multiple states in a high stupor, the Diarist finds herself homeless in Oregon. She goes to a homeless clinic and shelter, which supplies her with free vitamins and first aid, as well as dry clothes. She also attends a rally and seemingly joins a coven of “dopers.” The Diarist also openly prostitutes herself to strangers. This supports her hedonistic habits. The entries become increasingly mean-spirited as she experiences withdrawal. After stumbling across a well-meaning priest, she is returned home.

The Second Diary begins on April 6th, almost two years after the first entry.

The Diarist laments and repents for her mistakes and addictions. She, yet again, vows to abstain from drugs. She applies herself to the goal of becoming a drug counselor, so she can inform the ignorant users of the danger of drugs, having experienced it firsthand. At school, however, The Diarist is still victimized by her past. The principal informs her that he is aware of her history of dealing and using. One night, while studying, she experiences a flashback trip, waking up nude on the floor. Another day, a girl named Jan invites her to a party. After not attending, she faces ostracization and heckling from the partiers.

On May 1st, the Diarist’s Grandfather has a fatal stroke. This is the first death experience in her lifetime, and the funeral leaves a pivotal impression. She is traumatized with visions of decomposition and human carcasses. She meets a boy named Joel. The taunting from the party crowd becomes increasingly hostile. They were responsible for planting a joint in her purse, threatening to fill her Father’s gas tank with sugar and leaving a lit roach in her locker. Additionally, her Grandmother’s health deteriorates from depression and on June 16th, she died as well.

The shellshock from the deaths sends the Diarist’s into a deep depression, and the visions of decomposition become more frequent. On July 7th, while babysitting, she is unknowing laced with acid planted by Jan. The dose is exponentially high, her mindset is depressed and her tolerance is low after months of sobriety. The bad trip results in her grinding her fingertips raw, hallucinating her own death and decomposition, and being institutionalized in an asylum.

During the duration of the trip, which lasts for weeks, she envisions worms and maggots feasting upon her flesh. She is tormented by apparitions and voices resembling her grandparents. It’s not until August 9th that she is declared mentally intact enough to return home.

Once released, the Diarist is finally free from the drugs. Her father is invited to give a speech at a distant university, and during the vacation she reconnects with her family. Her relationship with Joel blossoms as well. In conclusion, her outlook on love and life seem to have matured in the most moralistic manner. She understands and accepts the faults of her past, but chooses to look forward to the unwritten future. On September 21st, the Diarist declares that she has outgrown her “special friend,” and decides to stop writing in her diary.

Three weeks after this, the Diarist was found dead in her home after her parents returned from the movie. The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a drug overdose. Whether the overdose was intentional, accidental or unwillingly administered, nobody knows.

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Her parents want to move. Her Dad is invited to become the Dean of the Political Science at -. Alice is happy and is not hard for her to leave the old school. But she misses her old house and her grandparents who she calls gramp and gran. Alice has a brother called Tim and a sister Alexandria. The two are younger than Alice. At her new school it is horrible for her. Nobody speaks to her the first days. but her brother and sister like the new school. Finally she finds a friend at school. Her name is Gerda, but Alice’s mother and father don’t like her. Alice doesn’t feel happy in her family. She hates his sister and her brother more than she loves them. Tim is intolerable and her mother is constantly Peking at her. Alice gets to know Beth Baum. Beth is Jewish and her father is a doctor. Her mother nags a lot. Alice’s parents like Beth, because she is pretty nice. In the holidays Beth goes on a summer camp for six weeks and Alice stays at her grans.
One day she meets Jill Peters and she invites her for a party. Alice doesn’t like taking drugs. She wants to stop it.

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In the book Go ask Alice. by Grace Slick, the main character Alice had suffered in a way that forced her to escape from her home to avoid her family. She was in too much trouble. She was on drugs and her parents did not know anything but they had a notion that she was hiding a secret from them.

In the book, Alice was into drugs and was trying to stop using drugs when she was 14 and 15 years old. On the day that she want to a party she was raped. The day she first tried marajuana at a party there was also drugs in her drink and she did not know until the next day when her best friend told her what happened. She kept the secret and she never told her parents that she had tried drugs. Before Alice ran away from home she was wondering what it would be like to smoke a joint. After that she began to like it and she began become addicted to drugs. That was the time her parents noticed there was something going on with Alice Anonymous.

Alice's best friend helped her and got her things that she needed. For example she helped her get a job, a house and things that would make her stop thinking about drugs and stop her from using drugs. In the end, Alice came back home clean and didn't have any more trouble with drugs. Alice and her mother began to solve all the problems she had been through and they made a promise to each other that if she has any problems, they would talk about them.

The part I disliked about the book was when she was raped and what people made her go through. People kept telling her to try the.

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