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Dalmatian youngwon ideal girl essay

King of Spades 04 May 2013

DMTN (Desire * Motivation * Timing * Now), formerly known as Dalmatian (달마시안), is a six-member boy band based in South Korea, created and managed by 2Works Entertainment (formerly from IS Entermedia/Monkey Funch Entertainment, which also manages MC Mong). The group consists of Inati (leader, rapper), Dari (rapper), Day Day (rapper), Donglim/Youngwon (vocalist), Jeesu (main vocalist) and Daniel (lead vocalist). Dalmatian released a 30-second music video teaser of their debut digital single on August 25, 2010. It followed by the song and video's full release on September 1, and the group officially debuted on the following day on Mnet's music program M! Countdown. On May 7th 2012, representatives of the group’s agency announced, “Day Day will be departing the group due to personal reasons, and new member Simon will be taking his place.”

“Dalmatian is a group that is lacking in many areas. We might cause problems, and we may make mistakes from time to time. But we will try to be the utmost humble and will try to become the Dalmatian as we don’t lose our rookie state of mind..” – Inati

Real name: Jang Intae (31 years old)
Birth date: March 6th, 1981
Height, weight: 180 CM / 66 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Catholic
Education: Graduated from New Zealand Rotorua High School
Siblings: One brother & one sister.
Hobbies, specialties: Reading / Acting
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/dalinati

* Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds, & LG070.
* Featured in MC Mong's 1st

5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Mongie's Nomads"
* Appeared in 2010 Concert "Variety Mind"

* Debuted in 1999 as a member of Hip Hop group "People Crew" with MC Mong

▫ He suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 2004.

▫ How to piss Inati off: tell him his face looks like a horse; insinuate he has a unibrow; tell him he points out when others dance but he dances stiffly himself so he shouldn’t be talking.

▫ His age is 31 but he actually is 7.

▫ He likes to lie on his bed after finishing promotions.

▫ His favourite foods are chocolate and snacks.

▫ His worst fear is being alone.

▫ He replenish on water and take care of his skin before sleep.

▫ He likes to read, and he always carries a book in his bag.

▫ His idols are his parents.

▫ “The habit you must change: Sometimes, I’ll suddenly forget some things. The things you set out to do, you still must do it, he he.” cr: maikakone/tumblr

▫ He never showers alone. He makes another member sit on the toilet and talk to him while he showers.

▫ He know how to breakdance.

▫ One time, Inati was seen doing the dishes and saying, “I’m a man who does the dishes.” /lol little kid/

▫ Known to be the wise one of the group (and for his infamous thick eyebrows).

Real Name: Lee Dari (27 years old)
Birth Date: July 4th, 1984
Height, weight: 176 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education: Yewon Arts University
Siblings: 3 sisters
Hobbies, specialties: Fishing, drawing
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/iam2dari

* Featured in MC Mong's 4th & 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

* Was an underground rapper before joining Dalmatian.

▫ How to piss Dari off: you can’t, he won’t be affected by our negative comments. ┐(´∀` )┌

▫ He thinks shoes are the most important accessory. He likes athletic shoes and very rapper style.

▫ His favourite food is beef and pork.

▫ He has an 8-pack, not a 6-pack. /ohhhh/

▫ His hobby is fishing (he claims he can catch many fish) but he dislikes fishy smells.

▫ He always brings a pencil around with him to write lyrics. He owns a Domo pencil case.

▫ He snores like an elephant.

▫ As long I know, he has a dalmatian tattoo in his hand and another one in his chest.

Real Name: Park Jisu (21 years old)
Birth Date: July 28th, 1990
Height, weight: 180 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Graduated from Hanyang High School
Siblings: 1 older sister
Hobbies, specialties: MIDI, Piano
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/JEESWAG

* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

▫ Dari said that Jisu looked the most different without makeup.

▫ He is able to do IU's famous '3 High Notes' in her hit song "Good Day."

▫ Spent his trainee years helping guide recordings under various composers. He’s even worked in a shopping mall for a kids’ clothing store in order to buy his own instruments.

Real Name: Daniel Chae (22 years old)
Birth Date: March 31st, 1991 / December 21st, 1990 / December 21st, 1991
Height, weight: 177 CM / 58 KG
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
Education: Korea KENT Foreigner School
Siblings: 1 older sister & 1 younger sister
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, graffiti art, fluent English.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DMTNDBOY

* UCC TV "How to Seduce Mr. Daniel" with Beast's Yoseob

* Former VJ of Arirang TV show "Pops In Seoul"

▫ He is close friend with idols that were originally from California such as SNSD's Jessica & Tiffany, KARA's Nicole, f(x)'s Amber, etc.

▫ Daniel was supposed to debut with B2ST’s Yoseob in another agency. When that fell through, he returned to his hometown in the States and worked various part-time jobs before returning to his dream of becoming a singer. In order to learn Korean, he took the initiative of working in a Korean bakery to brush up his language skills.

▫ His Registered birthday is March 31, 1991 but his Real birthday is actually December 21, whether the year was 1990 or 1991 is still unknown.

▫ He is considered the most popular member in Dalmatian.

Real Name: Lee Dongrim/Donglim (22 years old)
Birth Date: April 1st, 1990
Height, weight: 177 CM / 62 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: None
Education: Graduated from Hansol High School
Siblings: 1 older brother
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, dancing
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ldonglim

* Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival

▫ Youngwon is Korean for “forever.”

▫ Youngwon's ideal girl is Park Boyoung

▫ When Youngwon heard Dari snoring, he thought that there was an elephant in the room.

▫ Whenever the Dalmatian members cosplay, they always assume that Youngwon will act as the girl.

▫ The meaning behind Youngwon’s stage name is that he will forever be in a young state of mind in becoming the best he can be, as he will forever let himself be known widely.

Real Name: Simon Park / Park Junho / Sakai
Birth Date: May 29th, 1986 (26 years old)
Height, weight: 178 CM / 65 KG
Blood Type:
Education: Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Siblings: Eldest, have 2 younger sisters
Hobbies, specialties:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SouLoSimoN

* Appeared in MC Mong's 2009 Concert "Variety Mind"

▫ He’s half-Korean/half-Japanese and was born in Seattle, Washington.

▫ He was in the original line-up for Dalmatian’s debut, but did not debut with them for unknown reasons.

▫ He can speak fluent English, Japanese, and Korean.

▫ He’s a former Avex trainee and close with many Japanese celebs such as Jin Akanishi, Yamashita Tomohisa, ONE OK ROCK, Hyde, Gackt, JAMIL, etc.

▫ He is one of G.NA's best friends.

▫ He featured in some of MC Mong’s old songs like 로반줄아 as “Simon of Dalmatian”

Real name: David Kim (28 years old)

Birth date: September 20th, 1983
Height, weight: 170 CM / 60 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: University of Maryland
Siblings: Only child.
Hobbies, specialties: Working out, translating, & rapping in English.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/. /daydaydoggydog

* Rap trainer in JYP and other companies (2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, SISTAR, & SECRET)

* Lee Hyori's "Shall We Dance" & "Straight Up"
* Wonder Girls' "So What"
* Uhm Junghwa's "Come to Me"
* Wheesung's "This Kind of Situation"
* Ivy's "No"
* Brian Joo's "Tell Me Baby"
* Shinhwa's "We Can Get It On"
* Son Dambi's "Start", etc.

▫ How to piss Day Day off: ask him where he got his eye surgery done /lol/; tell him he has too many wrinkles to be an idol; tell him he should drink more milk in order to be taller.

▫ He has a serious face, but when he smiles he look like a little kid (*°∀°*).

▫ His dream was to be in the pages of Men’s Health. (that happened

▫ HaHa thinks Dalmatian’s mascot is Day Day. He says Day Day looks like Homer Simpson.

▫ He doesn’t have a favourite food, he loves them all. But he dislikes food that tastes bad.

▫ He knows how to imitate Yoda.

▫ His worst fear is watching horror movies.

▫ Before sleep, he must watch American TV series. And before wake up he eat vitamins.

▫ He always carry nutritional supplements in his bag.

▫ Because he is from USA, he says his Korean still doesn’t sound natural or good when he speaks.

▫ He is the shortest of the group.

▫ The Dalmatian boys had a contest to see who had the sexiest lips. Day Day won by picking his nose and licking his finger.

▫ SECRET’s Jieun’s ideal man from Dalmatian is Day Day.

▫ He is from California.

▫ His most prized possession are skin care products. He must always have them to feel secure.

▫ He took part in writing or composing every song in their first mini-album except Real Eyes.

Info - DMTN will be part of the “We Are Friends Concert 2013” in Japan

On June 30th DMTN will participate alongside B1A4 and Apink in the “We Are Friends Concert 2013” in Yokohama.

The first stage will be from 13:00 to 14:00 (JST) and the second stage will be from 18:00 to 19:00 (JST).

The web and the inquiries will be open on May 7th.

bjergsen 04 May 2013

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Dalmatian Members - Profiles - KPOP Color Coded Lyrics

Dalmatian Members & Profiles

  • Inati
  • Full Name. Kang In Tae
  • Position. Lead Rapper. Leader
  • Birthday. March 6th. 1981
  • Height. 180 cm ( 5 ’ 11 )
  • Weight. 66 kg ( 145 lbs )
  • Blood Type. B
  • Religion. Catholic
  • Education. New Zealand Rotorua High School
  • Fun Facts :
    • Fans call him the “ dorky leader “.
    • He got his stage name from an online game character he liked .
    • He use to be in a group called “ People Crew ” along side MC Mong .
    • In 2004 while practicing he started feeling head pains and was rushed to the hospital. MC Mong followed him from the practice room to the hospital and was told by doctors that he suffered a brain hemorrhage and was in a coma and would probably not wake up. Nonetheless he continued to pray. paid for all of Inati ‘ s hospital fees. took care of him for 2 months. and swore to him that “ If you wake up. I ‘ ll produce an album under your name .” In nothing short of a miracle. Inati woke up from his coma and near the end of his recovery in 2005 MC Mong had hand picked members for a new group that later became Dalmatian .
    • Because of MC Mong ‘ s support and kindness he is extremely close to MC Mong .
    • He has been featured on several of MC Mong ‘ s albums .
    • He has a brother and a sister .
    • He is a boxer .
    • One of his favorite foods is chocolate .
    • His favorite colors are Black and White .
    • He has been a trainee for 2. 798 days. Longer than 2AM ‘ s JoKwon who trained for 2. 567 .
    • His ideal girl is someone simple that he can protect .
    • His ideal type is actress Jo Yoon Hee because she has a neutral but appealing feel that gives him a good impression .
    • Though he is the leader. he listens to what his dongsengs have to say .
    • When he decides to do something. he does it with determination .
    • He is the first member to fall asleep and the first member to wake up .
    • According to Daniel. because of the generation gap Inati didn ’ t know how to use a smart phone .
    • He likes to read and usually carries a book in his bag where ever he goes .
    • His greatest fear is of being alone .
    • He hates to take a shower alone so he usually makes another member sit on the toilet and talk to him .

  • Jisu
  • Full Name. Park Ji Su
  • Position. Main Vocal
  • Birthday. June 28. 1990
  • Height. 180 cm ( 5 ’ 11 )
  • Weight. 60 kg ( 132 lbs )
  • Blood Type. B
  • Religion. Christian
  • Education. Hanyang High School
  • Fun Facts :
    • He is Dalmatian ‘ s “ smiley face “.
    • He is the most popular member among Dalmatian .
    • He is very greedy when it comes to music since he ’ s good at playing piano and can compose music very well .
    • He has a very high pitched voice for his age .
    • Has one sister .
    • Before he goes to bed he prays .
    • He likes to listen to live concerts .
    • He hates wasting time .
    • His idol is his dad .
    • He had to lose 10 kg ( 22 lbs ) before he could join Dalmatian .
    • His dream is to have a song composed solely by him and be included in one of Dalmatian ‘ s albums .
    • His ideal girl is someone who is witty. nice. and smiles a lot .
    • His ideal type is ALL the beautiful actresses .
    • He loves pizza and sweet potatoes .
    • His first real experience in love inspired ex – member DayDay to write the lyrics of “ The Man Opposed “.
    • His motto is “ In the end. be the person who smiles .”
    • His biggest fear is to mess up on stage .
    • He was so shocked when he was selected to be a member of Dalmatian. He thought that he was lacking in looks and talents compared to the other members .

  • Daniel
  • Full Name. Daniel Chae
  • Nickname. Drama
  • Position. Lead Vocal. Maknae
  • Birthday. December 21. 1990
  • Height. 177 cm ( 5 ’ 9 )
  • Weight. 58 kg ( 127 lbs )
  • Blood Type. A
  • Birth Place. Los Angeles. California. USA
  • Religion. Christian
  • Education. Kent Foreigner School
  • Languages. Korean. English
  • Fun Facts :
    • His stage name use to be Drama. He gave himself the name because of the meaning that he wanted to make various types of music like they do in actual dramas. But he later just went to Daniel during their “ E. R ” promotions .
    • He lived in the USA until he decided to move to Korea at the age of 16 to become a singer .
    • He has two sisters .
    • During their “ The Man Opposed “, he got punched in the face by Inati and started to bleed. But fans were stunned when he continued to performe the song as if nothing happened .
    • His ideal girl is someone who doesn ’ t wear a lot of makeup and is cute .
    • His ideal type is Im Soo Jung after watching her drama “ I ‘ m Sorry. I Love You “.
    • His number one treasure is God .
    • His motto is “ The life you live once doesn ’ t ever come back “.
    • He livens up the atmosphere with his cute eye smiles and his wittiness .
    • He is currently the MC for Arirang ‘ s “ Pops in Seoul “.
    • He always has an angry face when he wakes up .
    • He is usually the last one to fall asleep and the last one to get up and get ready .
    • He has 5 tattoo ‘ s. 2 on his back and 3 on his left ankles. One on his back says “ One Love ” in Arabic and can be seen in the “ E. R ” MV .
    • He likes the “ E. R ” concept better than the concept for “ The Man Opposed “.
    • He use to be a M – Boat trainee where he trained and befriended with BEAST / B2ST ‘ s YoSeob. There are several pre-debut songs floating around the internet of them singing together .
    • He is very good friends with f ( x )’ s Amber ( He even called her when Dalmatian was playing a game on “ Manager Goes On Strike “).
    • There were times where he was edited out on TV appearances for his lack of Korean. so he began studying the language so it would stop happening .

  • Youngwon
  • Full Name. Lee Dong Rim
  • Position. Vocalist. Main Dancer
  • Birthday. April 1. 1990
  • Height. 177 cm ( 5 ’ 9 )
  • Weight. 62 kg ( 137 lbs )
  • Blood Type. AB
  • Religion. Christian
  • Education. Hansol High School
  • Fun Facts :
    • He is the 4D member .
    • His stage name means he will forever be in the young state of mind in climbing his way up to the top .
    • He is often mistaken for being the maknae .
    • He was actually under another label when he joined Dalmatian. so he went through some contract issues .
    • It was difficult for him more than to make a fierce face. When we told him to get angry. it was just awkward for him. He said that he ’ s always smiling so it was hard to get angr y.
    • He had the hardest time adjusting to the “ E. R ” concept .
    • He had his hair dyed blue for their “ The Man Opposed ” promotions. and people called him “ SmurfWon “.
    • Has a younger brother .
    • He has a Busan accent. He doesn ‘ t like it and wants to change it .
    • His ideal girl is someone with big eyes .
    • He dislikes people who lie to him .
    • He loves sweets .
    • His favourite food is spicy chicken katsu .
    • His idol is his mother. and is very close to her .
    • When he was 8 years old. he told 10 friends that it was his birthday on April 1st and invited them to his party. Since his birthday is on April Fool ’ s Day. only one of them came. He cried after that .
    • His ideal type is f ( x )’ s Sulli because she is a hardworking and beautiful girl .
    • He is good friends with BEAST / B2ST ‘ s HyunSeung .
    • One of the main reasons why he wants to be successful with Dalmatian is because he wants buy his mother a house .
    • His first kiss was actually Daniel while shooting “ Manager Goes On Strike “.
    • He claims that he is good at cleaning. but the other members state they ‘ ve never seen him clean once .
    • He hates doing chores .
    • Out of all the members. he is the one who notices fans the most .
    • His motto is “ Continue to be humble. continue to be patient. and continue to persevere .”

  • Simon
  • Full Name. Park Jun Ho
  • Nickname. Simon Park ( English Name ), Sakai ( Japanese name )
  • Position. Vocalist. Rapper. Lead Dancer
  • Birthday. May 29. 1986
  • Height. 178 cm ( 5 ‘ 8 )
  • Weight. 65 kg ( 143 lbs )
  • Blood Type. A
  • Birth Place. Seattle. Washington. USA
  • Education. Senzoku Gakuen
  • Languages. Korean. Japanese. English
  • Fun Facts :
    • His father is Korean and his mother is Japanese .
    • He was added to Dalmatian in 2012 for their “ E. R ” promotions when rapper DayDay left for personal reasons .
    • He was actually in the original line up for Dalmatian. but left prior to debut to pursue solo activities .
    •” It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have a music education in Korea. I learned about the Korean culture through my father. I haven’t forgotten my roots. It ‘ s an honor to be a Dalmatian member. I will hone my skills to give you the best .”
    • He has two younger sisters .
    • He loves to eat. It eats more than the 3 meals a day plan .
    • His ideal type is American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. and Japanese actress Takeutchi Yuko .
    • He all rounded performer and is skilled at rapping. singing. and dancing .
    • He is known for his well toned abs .
    • His ideal type is someone who is pretty when she smiles .

  • Dari
  • Full Name. Lee Da Ri
  • Position. Main Rapper
  • Birthday. July 4. 1984
  • Height. 176 cm ( 5 ’ 9 )
  • Weight. 60 kg ( 132 lbs )
  • Blood Type. AB
  • Religion. Christian
  • Education. Yewon Arts University
  • Fun Facts :
    • He has a calm and quiet personality but can get wild once he ‘ s with friends .
    • He got his name after his father had a dream that God told him to name his son Dari .
    • He has three sisters .
    • His body is naturally the type to build muscles easily. When he eats. the food doesn ’ t go to fats but builds into muscle with the slightest work out .
    • He does not have a 6 pack. but an 8 pack !
    • He loves the word “ Aight “.
    • He says he is a ganji ( swag ) rapper .
    • His ideal girl is someone who is calm and feminine .
    • One of his hobbies is fishing though hates the fish smell .
    • He thinks shoes are the most important accessory .
    • It ‘ s very hard to get him angry .
    • He has a loud snore ( according to Youngwon he sounds like an Elephant ).
    • He has at least 4 tattoos. Some of which are of Dalmatians .
    • He always brings a pencil around with him to write lyrics .
    • He also carries Dalmatian style hats .
    • He owns a Domo pencil case .
    • His motto is “ Those who think they ‘ re going to lose end up in that direction .”
    • He is currently not promoting with Dalmatian to serve his mandatory military service .
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KPOP NEWS - DMTN (Dalmatian) Member Young Won Changes Name to Dong Lim

DMTN (Dalmatian) Member Young Won Changes Name to Dong Lim

2013.01.26 13:16 Mwave Stewart Ho

Following its group name change to DMTN (formally known as Dalmatian), one of the idol group′s members has changed his name as well.

DMTN previously kicked off its comeback with a teaser and announcement that the group had officially changed its name.

The final member teaser for DMTN’s upcoming new title song, Safety Zone. was recently revealed along with member Young Won′s name change.

According to DMTN’s agency, Young Won had decided to start using his real name, Dong Lim, from now on as the group prepared to kick off its new round of activities.

Dong Lim was said to have shown a strong will to show a new and improved side of both his team and himself, ultimately deciding to go with the new name.

DMTN will release its new song, Safety Zone. online on January 29 before beginning its music show comebacks that week.

Photo Credit: 2 Works Entertainment

Any copying, republication or redistribution of Mwave's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from Mwave. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civill penalties.

NEWS - Dalmatian s Youngwon announces their comeback

Calling all fans of idol group Dalmatian! It has been confirmed by one of their members today that the group is set to make a comeback this year.

In a recent post on his official homepage, Dalmatian's Youngwon updated his fans of his current acitivities as well as a comeback announcement. Starting off, Youngwon stated that, "My loving Dalmates. My lovely Dalmates

You’re listening, right

^^ I was really, really, really touched and thank you so, so much. Because of our Dalmates, we were able to be proud! And we were more confident than ever. "

He also talked about their recent appearance on Idol Sports Competition and thanked their fans for being present at the event.

After a lengthy chat on how thankful he was for their fans, he closed his message with an interesting announcement. By the end of his post, Youngwon announced that, "Ah and! For our loving Dalmates, a surprise present

^^! And anticipate the next album. An awesome Dalmatian album, anticipate it. ^^ㅎCominng soon. Anticipate October!^^ We’ll sweep them away!^^ Dalmatian, Dalmate, hwaiting. ^^"

As of the moment, their entertainment agency has not sent their official announcement or more details of the group's comeback, but it seems that Youngwon broke the news first.

Source: dalmatiaMF and dalmatian